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It is estimated that about 2.72 million people will be using social media by 2019. That is almost three times more than in 2010!  In April alone there were more than 1,590 million people using Facebook and up to 1 million of those users are Australians. This represents as many opportunities for you to increase your client base.

There are a lot of social networks to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one to use and which will be of benefit to your business. Should you go for LinkedIn? How about Pinterest? What's Google+? Is Tumblr a good idea for your business? The list can go on and on and in many cases you will have multiple accounts.

Companies usually tend to choose the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This would work for you too if you don't target a particular niche. However, keep in mind that the social network you are choosing should be consistent with your audience's habits. So if everyone is using Pinterest, but your target market is on Tumblr, then you should use Tumblr. In other words, you should go where your audience is!

Most people think that creating their account is enough. The bad news is that it's NOT! Social media requires a lot of time and maintenance and it does not necessarily come easily to all of us. The social network you will choose will need to be relevant and should be consistent with your business – a restaurant for instance, would get more traction with an Instagram account than a LinkedIn account.

Here are three simple tips to help you figure out which social network would work best for YOU:

TIP #1: Choose your social media according to the time and available resources you have.

Social media is interactive, live, simple to use and comes in handy when you need to share exciting news or information with your audience. However and as mentioned before, they require maintenance and forethought, which can represent a great deal of time out of your working day.

Spending too much time on social media will hurt your business as it might lead to a loss in productivity particularly if you don't have someone hired especially for that job. On another hand, spending too little time would result in a failure to keep up with your audience. Tricky!  The truth is if you decide to adopt social media, it will then represent a real aspect of your marketing strategy.
To make it work, you can't post too much, too little or irrelevant content: it is all about balance. A post a day at about the same time should be the minimum to keep your audience interested.

TIP #2: Know what your ultimate goal is.

Social media is an awesome way to communicate with your customers, and posting is actually a lot of fun! But before anything else, you should know what your goal is and what you expect from your social media. Having a goal is important and will help you determine whether or not your marketing strategy is viable and for how long. This will also allow you to know what to post, when to post and who you are targeting. All in one!

TIP #3: Don't give up!

Social media at times can fail and stagnate for a while, but the one beautiful thing about it, is that overnight you can create instant buzz! Why? Trends. So stick with the networks you have chosen and make them work for you! Businesses usually struggle with social media because they don't know how to adapt and don't know how they work. However, when used properly, they are a great tool to measure how your business is doing and also figure out who your clients are as much as what they are after!
Post after post, you will be able to figure out what users expect from you, what triggers their engagement, what they liked and disliked. There are many ways to get your audience's attention: hashtags (#), mentions and tags are some of them. However, you hardly have control over how popular a hashtag will be. In other words, there is nothing more fickle than social media, so hang in there!

We know it; all social media was not born equal. In fact in Australia the most popular one remains Facebook, followed by YouTube with about 14,000,000 users, then Word Press Blog with 5,650,000 users. Instagram is now entering the arena with no less than 5,000,000 monthly active users! However, no matter how popular a network is, you should always choose yours according to how consistent it is with your company's strategy and philosophy. Three empty and inactive accounts are far worse than no account at all...
Social media is an art, that's why you need to know how it works before taking the plunge! If you need help with your social media, then give us a call today on (07) 5592 2685 or email and talk to us about building your presence on social media.

So give us a call and get social today!

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Have you ever considered collaborating with another business?

Working collaboratively could contribute significantly to the success of your business. There's a number of benefits including increase of sales, shared knowledge, increase of capacity, improvement of efficiency and reaching new markets.
In today's digital age, everyone has an audience so partnering with other brands and creating interesting content is a great thing to do!
There are three benefits to collaborating. It's cost effective, efficient and quick.
Collaborating gives businesses the opportunity to get more exposure while sharing the cost. We know two brains are better than one, right? It gives businesses the chance to create fantastic content and reach new markets quicker by becoming partners.

Here's some small business successful collaboration ideas:

- A gym could partner up with an physiotherapy company and refer any clients that have injuries to that company. In this situation the physio might give the gym a percent if someone if referred.
- A web design company could offer some of their web design services to local businesses in exchange for a link back to their homepage on their website.
- A dog groomer and trainer could collaborate to give each other business.
- An entertainment company could host an event at a restaurant to give it business in exchange for no venue hire.
- A marketing company could partner up with a business coach by providing services for their clients.
No matter how big or small the task, there are plenty of opportunities for small businesses to collaborate and bring about mutual growth!

Heres some collaborations that have worked on a larger scale:

Repsol and Burger King –
Only half the sales at petrol stations in Spain come from gas, the other half is from products. Petrol station Repsol and fast food company Burger King signed a strategic alliance where Repsol had the rights to have Burger King Franchises in petrol stations in Spain. This collaboration has lead Burger King's to its strongest growth in Europe and one of its biggest growth worldwide, starting with only four petrol stations in Madrid. Now Burger King and Repsol plan to reach 150 stations in a period of 5 years with an investment of 50 million Euro. Repsol is planning on hiring approximately 1500 new employees. That's some effective collaborating!!

Another great example is Esteve and Teijin Pharma –
In 2009 the two pharmaceutical companies collaborated. Esteve is an international pharmaceutical group and Teijin Pharma is a multinational Japanese pharmaceutical. By combining Esteve's experience in patient care in the Spanish market with Teijin Pharma's respiratory therapy technology, 'EsteveTeijin' Healthcare has changed the way medical oxygen is delivered. This service has let the company's to get closer to their clients and provide home service to patients. Since its partnership 3 years ago, 'EsteveTeijin' has made 13 million Euro and treats close on 35 000 patients in Spain.
Collaborating gives businesses new opportunities and areas to go! If you're interested in reaching out for a collaboration here's some hot tips:

Before you jump into a partnership, have a clear understanding of who your target market is and what brands they like. Think 'what company has your next customer as their current customer?' E.g. A shoe company collaborating with a clothes store or printing company collaborating with a office supplies company. Find a company that is connected to your industry in some way and make sure it can benefit you.

Collaborating is also amazing for growing your social media platforms if you choose a business with a strong social media following! The goal is to create great content for both parties and create a hype to break into new markets. So think strategically when choosing a business you want to partner up with.

There must be common rules that you agree to. Clearness is extremely important from the start and each business should be obvious on what their expectations are along with what they want out of the collaboration. Being honest with will make it much easier to make up agreements, these agreements state the expectations of the collaboration. Both businesses should share in there growth. Depending upon the type of collaboration and business your in you will have to determine if contracts will need to be made or if the signed agreements will be sufficient.

If your interested in collaborating talk to us today. We can give you some fantastic marketing advice and help you with a promotional plan to put into action. Call 07 5592 2685 or email

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Posted by on in Marketing
Have You Set Your 2015 SMART Goals?

It's the first full week of work for 2015 and there's a good chance that you're setting your business goals for the New Year!! The start of the year is the perfect time to re-examine your business and look at where you would like your business to head in 2015. When thinking about your business goals it is a good idea to make sure that you are developing goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bounded – SMART Goals.

Today I want to outline a few helpful tips to make sure you achieve your business objectives this year.


A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. If your objective is 'to grow your business in 2015', then when writing your goal down make sure you are MORE SPECIFIC! Who, what, where, when and why. Would you look at moving offices? Increasing sales? Hiring new employees? Explain how you want to grow your business. Measure how much you want to increase your sales. The more precise you are, the better you can evaluate your results.
If you can, Include data in your goals. For instance, if you want to increase your sales, include your 2014 sale figures. E.g. 'I want our business sales to grow from $100 000 in December 2014 to $200 000 in December 2015'. Then when it's time to evaluate your goals of 2015, you can easily look at your point of reference of $100 000 and compare it to your end of year sales for 2015.


Goals aren't achieved by themselves. For every goal you set this year, make a list of actions. If your goal is to increase your annual sales from $100 000 to $200 000 your actions could be:
- Hire a new employee
- Look at ways to expand your business online
- Advertise online and internet marketing
- Launch a new product or service
- Increase product prices, for instance by 2% by April

Each of these tasks should be assigned to someone with a timeframe. This is how you can make sure the person stays on track and the goal is achieved. Half way through the year re-assess your goals and make sure everyone is on track with their task. Finally at the end of the year, look at your goals and see which were achieved and which weren't. Pay close attention to the ones you didn't achieve and try to figure out why. Did you handle all the tasks? Did you shift focus? Use the information obtained to help with next year's goal setting.

Setting objectives for the new year is a fantastic way to grow your business, be successful and move forward. Just remember each goal needs to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. This is the best way your goals will be achieved.

If you need help in achieving your business goals this year we can help! With a broad range of marketing and web solutions, we can help get your business of the ground and flying into 2015!! Call 07 5592 2685 or email Call 07 5592 2685 or email

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Posted by on in Search Engine Optimization
On-Page Seo Techniques

It's time your website was seen! Grow your online presence and move up the ranks today by incorporating some effective SEO techniques..
Let's highlight some On-Page SEO tips to get you started:

1. Search engines give preference to key-word rich URLs! Keep your words separated by hyphens or dashes and make sure the characters are under 100. If you're looking to rank high for your area make sure your location is included in your URL. For example, a hair dressers on the Gold Coast may have the following URLs: or By having key-word rich URLs, crawlers can find your website easier.

2. Page titles have without fail been one of the most significant ranking tools for SEO, your page title will most likely be the text that is shown in the search results, making its optimisation vital! It's important to rank highly in search results although if your page title isn't inviting, it won't be clicked by users. Make sure each of your pages and posts have their own unique title, which includes the main keywords for that page. Your page title should aim to be less than 65 characters and again if your targeting an area be sure to include it.

3. Heading tags are still one of the key factors Google uses to decide what your page content is about. For the best SEO results, be sure to break up content with relevant headers to ensure your users can easily scan your content as well as search engines! Search engines pay close attention to the words in your headings because they connect to your page's content. Heading tags define the paragraph that follows; they outline how your page is structured. The H1 tag is your most important topic, and the other H2, H3, H4 tags create sub-topics. Please note, you should only have one H1 tag per page because this is the subject of your page, it does not make sense to have more.

4. Your image tags are also great for SEO because they reinforce the text content on your page while also having the chance to rank in Google images. Every image you have on your website should be named with relevant keywords.

5. An obvious technique, but vital for SEO is including relevant keywords throughout your content because it helps to attract human visitors and of course search engines! Although do not excessively repeat keywords because this can lead to your site being banned from search engines. A great way to know trending keywords in your industry is research! A great tool is Google Trends, where you can find popular keywords. Look for the Explore trends and Hot searches. You can also narrow down the keywords geographically by entering your country. Alternatively, another option you can use is Wordsteam, a website that generates keywords for you! Go to and type in a keyword, the site will give you a list of trending keywords which is fantastic to help your SEO!

6. And lastly I want to mention, to ALWAYS make sure your using meta descriptions and tags. Make sure these are relevant to your content and interesting. Meta descriptions should be around 156 characters for the best results. Having strong titles, descriptions and tags is imperative for crawlers to find you!

I hope these techniques; have helped you have a better understanding of On-Page SEO! For affordable SEO plans call us today to talk about your SEO needs on (07) 5592 2685 or email or jump onto our website

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It's time your business got into the art of hash tagging

The use of hashtags on social media creates an exclusive opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audiences. Initially developed by Twitter, the hash tag has moved from platform to platform to become a universal way of connecting content.

So start using hashtags and join the conversation today! You can use hashtags to increase your reach and brand awareness. Seek out trending hashtags related to your business and target audience. Most social networks include a list of popular hashtags which allow users to see the latest news and topics. Use this to your advantage! Posting content with a trending hash tag throughout your social media platforms lets users who want to learn more about the topic, but would have never seen your brand directly access your content. Post photos, information and videos related to your business! The more you post and hash tag the more you will be seen.
A site where you can copy trending hashtags to use on Instagram is
You can benefit from a hash tag when branding anything from a promotion to a big event. To create a strong brand presence on your social media platforms its vital your business creates a original hash tag to include in all of your posts.

Be sure to research before you choose it, so it does not get mixed up with other brands content. Also it must be simple but unforgettable so consumers can easily use it. Having your own hash tag lets users access all your brands online content posted by you or other consumers in one simple click.

Once you have an original hash tag start encouraging interaction with your fans! If you want to run a competition across multiple social media platforms is a great free tool to help you track your tags! You can also register your original hash tag on 'Tagboard' and include a description to make it clear that you have claimed it.
As a business you can benefit immensely from using hashtags throughout social media. If you would like to reach a new audience or establish a strong brand presence give hash tagging a go. As hashtags increasingly become the way to connect content, it's vital that you put thought into how you use them.

If you are having trouble with your social media marketing strategy talk to us today. We have staff of creative professionals that can help your business! Email or call (07) 5592 2685 alternatively jump on our website and read more:

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Catering for users that have colour deficiencies

Last week we talked about how important colour is when it comes to web design. I wanted to expand on that thought and talk about catering for users who suffer from colour deficiencies. When thinking about web design it's important to take into consideration people who have difficulties at distinguishing between certain colours.
Say for instance, if someone is Red-Blind/Protanopia and you use red text in your error message to stand out – it won't come across the same. In this case the red text would be replaced with a green colour that can easily blend in with black content on a page and can be unnoticed.
Users can suffer from a range of colour deficiencies in the form of red, green, blue blind to users that are red, green, blue weak and monochromacy blind which is total colour blindness.
The point I am trying to get across is when designing your website don't totally rely on colour alone to convey your message. Look at combining colour with other design tactics such as shapes, grids, typography or spaces and assign more emphasis to important elements on your website.
If you need a hand with website design, we are the people to talk to! Call us on (07) 5592 2685 or email and get started today.

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Incorporate SEO into your Pinterest account today!

Back in December we talked about the popular shift towards visual marketing and how looking at Pinterest as a new way to reach consumers could work well for your business. Expanding on that post, I now want to talk to you about incorporating SEO to optimize your Pinterest account so it can rank high on search engines.
Before you just start pinning away, you need to follow some tips to set up your account for success! You could be pinning the most remarkable images but if your consumers can't find them what's the point?
As a business using any social media site at the end of the day is to generate sales. Use Pinterest to drive traffic you your website – Here are a few SEO tactics to get you found on Pinterest:

1. Put time and effort into the image you're pinning. Write a SHORT caption with important KEYWORDS. (Make sure your description is not too long or pinners will get annoyed).
2. Promote, Promote, Promote! Share what your company does through visual boards and don't be afraid to post. Make more than one board to contribute to a complete profile.
3. When naming your boards make sure the title includes important KEYWORDS that relate to your brand so you can be found.
4. Use HASHTAGS that relate to your brand because when users search for a topic on Pinterest this will help them find you. E.g. #homedecor #dress #basketball
5. Don't spam – Remember Pinterest is a visual sharing site not a place to advertise. Make sure you balance how much you're posting because users will get annoyed.
6. Use a "pin-it" button on your website so your users can share your content if they wish. This can also give you a SEO boost without doing all the work yourself.
7. Make sure your users can be linked back to your website. Once users find your boards make sure your images always have a link back to your website so your brand can get the credit it deserves!

Introduce these seven key SEO tips to your Pinterest account and get found on Pinterest today! If you need help with getting your Pinterest account up and running talk to us today 07 5592 2685 or email

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Could rebranding be the key to reinventing your brand?

Recently Reebok has introduced their redesigned logo promoting a shift towards the fitness market. Over the past few years the company has redirected their target market to areas that have been growing, focusing on consumers that participate in yoga, dance, aerobics and crossfit. The company has also become partners with Les Mills a brand that does exercise programs like Bodypump and Bodycombat. Reebok has reshaped themselves to really hit their new target markets with a BANG!

Rebranding can be a fantastic idea for companies that want to introduce themselves to new markets. They have the opportunity to create a fresh new look and feel. If you have thought about spicing up your brand talk to us about rebranding today! Call us on (07) 5592 2685 or email us

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Step outside your box and use Google+ to promote your brand and get your content shared!

Most of us are on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin but have you ever used Google+? It’s a great way to reach new consumers while also leading you to a wider group of potential customers. Here are some helpful tips to help you engage and have your circles sharing your content in no time!

In any social media site a key aspect of reaching consumers is interacting with them and Google+ is no different! Start by creating two new circles called ‘potential customers’ and ‘customers’. By grouping your new acquaintances it’s a great way to keep track of them.

Use the search bar on Google+ to find people who are talking about your brand, topic or product. You can search hashtags, key words, people, communities and brands that are related to your business. This is a fantastic way to see topics that are trending and to find popular posts in your industry. From here sift through posts and find potential customers to add to your circles that are talking about your brand.

Tip: Make sure you are looking at the levels of engagement; you want to be adding users with a good amount of engagement on their posts.

After you start to build your circles make sure you are interacting with the Google+ users straight away!

Now you have established your group of circles you want to make it even bigger! Broaden your search and find more people that are interacting on Google+. Step into the shoes of your customers and search questions they would typically ask on Google. The results will show potential customers who are interacting with these posts and have a connection with your brand. Because of Google authorship you will find Google+ user’s accounts next to their content, again take into consideration the amount of engagement on their posts and then add them to your circles.

Now it’s time to talk! As your potential customers circle has built up start commenting, +1 their posts and interact with them. Don’t assume people will just come to you. Once you have started engaging with your circles they will most likely return the favour and start engaging back, hopefully sharing your content.

As a final step you want to find out who is really interested in your product or brand out of your ‘potential customers’ and move them into your ‘customers’ circle. Send them a offer/discount/special through a private message. Make sure you are filling their individual needs and it doesn’t look like you are spamming them. In this email invite users to be added to your mailing list to receive notifications when you have something to post about.


Now move everyone who responds into your ‘customers’ circle and follow these steps regularly to find potential customers to help share your content and brand. It does take time and effort although building up your Google+ community will be worth it in the end. With all the interaction on your Google+ page it will also be helping you with search engine optimization which is a bonus!

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Are you looking for new ways to increase your brand awareness? Try Content Marketing

We are so bombarded by advertisements that we as consumers are beginning to block them out, which makes it harder for businesses to get their ideas and products to you unless it is something that stops you in your tracks.

Marketers and advertisers are having to look at new techniques to their client’s message across and one such technique that is making headway is content marketing.

Content marketing is an approach that involves creating or sharing content to gain consumers. It can be shared through social media sites, emails, blogs, your website, really however you want to share it with your consumers. The content can be in the form of videos, photos, news, e-books, case studies, questions and answers etc. Content marketing is focused on communicating to the consumer not selling. Instead of pushing to sell your products or service you are providing information that your consumers are interested in. And by delivering this valuable information to consumers in theory will reward you with their business and loyalty.

A great example of a company that has become extremely successful and popular using content marketing is GoPro, a brand of personal cameras used in extreme action video photography and videoing.

GoPro is putting the power of marketing their product into the hands of their consumers. A little while ago we spoke about images and video becoming the popular medium to share today and Google now also allows you to search by using images and this ability fits right in with the GoPro product. Their consumers are using their cameras and then sharing their images with their friends and families through numerous social media sites. The Go Pro social media team then searches sites like Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Google for GoPro content that they can re-share on their social media accounts.

In doing this, most consumers are thrilled to be featured in front of the entire GoPro community, which in turn encourages them to continue sharing more content online. This creates the most genuine kind of engagement and is how GoPro keeps generating more and more exposure and publicity for their brand. Some other examples of companies that are increasing their brand awareness through successful content marketing are Colgate, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Linkedin, IBM and Anthropologie.

Content marketing is becoming extremely popular and successful throughout businesses today. It’s a great way to market your business and build a community with your consumers. If you need help with creating brand awareness and social networking talk to us today. We have powerful branding and social networking packages that can get you the engagement you need. Call us on (07) 5592 2685, email: or visit our website

Its time your business stood out from the crowd.

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